Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brooklyn Psychobilly Luau - July 10th & 11th

Woah nelly! Another rockabilly music festival in Brooklyn?? What the hell is going on here! I just heard about one going on from the 16th - 18th of July at the Warsaw in Greenpoint called the Rebel Night Weekender, but didn't post about it because I just didn't have the time. That one is much more traditional rockabilly sounding (The Trashmen, Sit & Die Co., a lot fewer bands), but who knows! Could totally rock.

So about the Luau: a few weeks ago I was at my friend Mike Fisher's band's show at the Lit Lounge in the LES. Mike's band is called D.I.S., punky death metal at its finest! Mike is also a great artist; check out his work at While there, I met a guy who works for Rebel Angel productions, and though I forget his name (I wrote it down somewhere but lost that piece of paper), he was super nice and told me about how Rebel Angle had recently put on the first Deadbolt show in ages a little while back and said I should check out their site.

Rebel Angel is putting on music events for the hot rod set in NYC constantly, and the Psychobilly Luau, already in it's 4th year, is coming up next weekend! Good thing I finally got around to looking at their website, eh?

Psychobilly Luau @ the Bell House, July 10th & 11th, Brooklyn NY.

In addition to a zillion great bands playing over the two days, there will be all kinds of other rod-related revelry to partake in: sideshows, vendors, fashion shows, burlesque dancers, hot rods, BBQ, contests and more!

Just check out the list of bands:
(Saturday July 10th - ALL AGES!!)
GUANA BATZ (Midnight)
The Goddamn Gallows (10:45)
Memphis Morticians (9:45)
The Hypnophonics (8:45)
Stellar Corpses (7:45)
Psycho Charger (6:45)
The Arkhams (5:45)
The Othermen (5:00)
Viva Le Vox (4:15)
The Rebel Angels (3:30)

(Sunday July 11th - 21+ only)
The Swingin' Neckbreakers
Jukebox Jodi & her 45s
Labretta Suede and The Motel 6
The Thunderfucks
King Sickabilly One Man Band
Thee Atomic Cavemen
Amy Rose and Her Trouble Makers
The Twang Bangers (Germany)

Damn...that's a lot. Tickets can be found on the Rebel Angel website and are $25 for Saturday, $20 for Sunday and $40 for a weekend pass. See you there!

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