Friday, June 10, 2011


Swimsuit postcard, Wildwood, N.J. via metromonthly

Oh my! I'm ashamed at how long it's been since I've parked any more verbal and/or visual vehicles in the ol' Greaser Garage! Three months? Seriously? Get it together, self. Ultimately I've had a lot going on with my life (some of it positive, some of it not; c'est la vie) and just haven't had an extra moment to put a cohesive thought to virtual paper for you. The blogging is the first thing to be jettisoned from my schedule when there is too much going on, unfortunately.

That said, do not fret! I can tell you that I will have a lov-e-ly bunch of photographs (dee-del-ee-dee!) from a trip I'm taking with some good friends to lovely Wildwood, New Jersey next weekend! I continually doubt that anybody reading this site has been with me long enough to remember any of the old website posts or redesigns I've ever made. But in the off chance you were, perhaps you recall that once upon a time, back in the YEAR 2000, I took a trip with my boyfriend at the time to Wildwood, came back and wrote a little photo essay on my time there.

It's hard for me to believe I was a young babe - emphasis on "babe" - of nineteen years when I wrote that. My youthful naivete shows (and makes my whiny teenage missive almost impossible for 30 year old me to stomach). So take a little trip back to Wildwood, NJ in the year 2000: when websites looked...well, like that, when digital cameras were mini floppy-disk drives that took ten photos max, and cellphones were giant tumor-causing toys for rich people.

I promise that the sequel - "Wildwood, NJ: 2011, a Beach Odyssey" will be much, much more interesting. Probably because of that drive-thru liquor store.