Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Coney Island Rockabilly Festival

It's summertime and the time is right...time for cars and guitars, surf and turf at Cha Cha's on the Coney Island boardwark!

Here's alllll the info for the events this weekend. If you're like me and have nothing to do, maybe you'll swing down to catch some tunes, some tan and some titties (there's always a huge burlesque show involved. Yeah, I know, that was an alliteration stretch there...).

Friday Night, September 3rd
Cha Cha's on the Boardwalk
Viva Le Vox (Davy Jones Locker, FL)
Guitar Bomb (Brooklyn, NY)
King Sickabilly (Providence, RI)
Hickry Hawkins and The Panty-Sniffers (Charlotte, NC)
The Holy Roller Sideshow (NYC)
Live Burlesque and Sideshow
$12 advance / $15 at the door

Saturday, September 4th
On the Outdoor Stage
Hickry Hawkins (Charlotte, NC)
Sean Kershaw and the New Jack Ramblers (Brooklyn, NY)
Elsa Cross (Dover, NH)
Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. (New York City, NY) - these guys are worth going to see all by themselves!
$8 advance / $10 at the door

Cha Cha's on the Boardwalk
Tombstone Brawlers (New Jersey)
Jason James and the Bay State House Rockers (Worcester, MA)
Mean Mean Man and the Brass Knuckle Band (Charlotte,NC)
The Hollowbody Hellraisers (Gainesville, FL)
Live Burlesque and Sideshow
$12 advance / $15 at the door

Sunday, September 5th
On the Outdoor Stage
Nick Williams and The Anteaters (Staten Island, NY)
The Mallard Drakes (Brooklyn, NY)
The Krank Daddies (Chicago, IL)
Tex Railer’s Doomtown (Allston, MA)
$8 advance / $10 at the door

Cha Cha's on the Boardwalk
Sasquatch and the Sickabillys (Providence, RI) - featuring my buddy Bobcat on guitar!
The Memphis Morticians (NYC) - one of my favorite Psychobilly bands in the city!
Soul Reapin' 3 (New Haven, CT)
Creepin’ Cadavers (Amity, MA)
Live Burlesque and Sideshow
$12 advance / $15 at the door

Monday, September 6th ( work today!)
Cha Cha's on the Boardwalk
The 2010 Miss Pin Up Coney Island Contest, Hosted by Eddie Dickfingers
Matty B and The Dirty Pickles (Erie, PA)
Nerve Tonic (Dirty Jersey)
Filthy Still (Providence, RI)
Electraluxx (Garfield, NJ)

I'm not going to Myspace link all those bands right now, but you can find more info.....uh, basically in one place (and there's not much more info than that!). Rockabilly events in NYC - always pretty awesome, never very organized...everybody too busy wrenchin' and drinkin', I suppose.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rumblers NYC 10th Annual show - THIS WEEKEND

It's that time again, kiddos, for those of us in the NYC area to get our fill of flames, open exhaust pipes and slap bass at the 10th Annual Kustom Kills & Hot Rod Thrills show under the BQE, right near Union Pool.

Rumblers 2010 Kustom Kills and Hot Rod Thrills

It's only $10 to see the bands over at Union Pool, including my ol' friend Bobcat's band the Arkhams, Al & the Black Cats, Labretta Suede and the Motel 6, Rehab for Quitters, and Those Hated Hearts. I've never heard of any of those other bands, but I'm always up for good music, and have yet to be disappointed at a Rumblers show. I also have no idea what the band schedule is, as I can't find the info anywhere (the Rumblers always seem a little disorganized when it comes to promoting their yearly show, but whatever). They also have a Facebook page now, which might have more info as the week goes on. Union Pool doesn't even have a real website yet (no surprise there), and neither their Myspace page or their new blog say anything about this event either. Oh silly, lazy hipsters.

See you fools there!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Man...Or Astroman? An Interstellar Return

Holy Haley's Comet, Spaceman! It has come to my attention that the ever amazing Man...or Astroman? is heading to the East Coast to play some shows after some triumphant sets during this year's SXSW.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan

Having somehow missed out on seeing them play in their heyday (mid to late 90's), I am happy to report that tickets go on sale this Friday for their shows at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan (11/12) and the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn (11/13), where I will be, with my 9 volt tongue.

Check out more photos from a recent show in Toronto at Brooklyn Vegan.