Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tanker Desks - take two

Greetings and happy 2012! This new year finds me in a new home in Brooklyn, currently on the hunt for a work desk, which will hopefully aid in motivating me to update this site a little more frequently! (Ha.) While hunting around Craigslist and assorted other internet treasure troves for some sort of an affordable vintage office desk ("affordable"? Ha again.), I remembered a post about retro furniture I'd made ages ago on this very site. While I still am unable to afford to spend $700 on a desk, I can at least share the assorted other resources for vintage desks I've found, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to both have the cash and live near enough to the seller to score one.

Past, Present Future
This online retailer out of Minneapolis has an incredibly huge collection of mid-century furniture, as well as what appear to be some new pieces crafted in a solid vintage style and made to your specifications. Tanker desks, club chairs, sofas, book shelves, and even clocks and staplers.

For a few hundred bucks, you can have these vintage pieces restored in a basic manner. For double your money you can secure a custom restoration job, with a huge assortment of powder coat finishes, fabrics and linoleum choices (depending on what item you are having redone). Also, if you are planning on making your own wanna-be period televisions series of Mad Men, you can talk to them about prop rental furniture for your sets. If I lived anywhere even remotely close to Minneapolis, I'd be in their showroom browsing around instead of writing a blog about tables I can't afford!

Oh, and the other thing I love about Past Present Future's site is that they happen to have a ton of images from old product catalogs for some of these pieces. You know I love me some vintage product ads. For more, check out their "tables" section, and look at the bottom two rows of thumbnails.

I hardly EVER go to Etsy. Don't ask me why. I even have a store (with nothing in it, apparently!) and still hardly bother to wade through the masses of handmade craft projects and overpriced vintage clothing. BUT I somehow was directed over there while Google searching "tanker desk" and lo and behold...people sell furniture there!

I know many people have had success buying vintage cars and parts on Ebay, and I assume buying some huge vintage office desk would be about the same. Of course, as always, shipping these things is a bitch, so you are best off searching in your particular area and picking it up yourself. I didn't have much luck, but since I'm always wasting time browsing that dame site, I might as well continue to keep my eyes peeled.

You know...there's always this.