Sunday, May 20, 2012

Classic Wrecks

You can find just about anything you could possibly imagine to purchase on the internet. This fact, is nothing new. However, when you're someone like me who sits in front of a computer as a profession, actually finding something new and original to purchase on the internet is not as commonplace.
Today was one of those special days, where I found my way to Classic Wrecks, an Etsy store full of 1/24 car models, specially customized to look like the junkers we love to mourn.

1962 Chrysler, with one black eye.

The details have been painstakingly considered, in a matter only a true auto-lover could conceive. The pitted chrome, the missing trim, the jagged edges of each individual rust hole. Even the undercarriages of these jacked jalopies look like they need an overhaul.

What really makes these special are the cheeky extra touches, like to this '57 Chevy Nomad:

The classic Mexican Blanket seat cover.

In case you couldn't tell.

The models range in year from 1930 to 1990, with many popular make/model vehicles included, so you are bound to find something that revs your engine, or something special for gifting to a lucky rust-a-holic. With prices between $65-$75 each, and the option to request a custom Classic Wreck, they are truly some of what the best a site like Etsy has to offer.